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Compression Springs

The compression spring is undoubtedly the most common spring because it is one of the most efficient accumulator of mechanical energy on the market.

The compression spring opposes resistance to the stress that occurs along its axis according to the so-called Hooke’s law.

It can have the standard cylindrical form or come in conical, barrel or hourglass shapes according to the dynamic characteristics required. If needed, progressive or not linear loads can be obtained when adopting a fixed or variable pitch.

Compression springs can have several applications, thus they can be used in various sectors. Some of the most important sectors which Mollificio Italiano works for are:

  • Automotive
  • Hydraulics
  • Oil and Gas
  • General Mechanics
  • Railway

Springs can be shot peened, chamfered and settled, according to use.

Springs can also be produced in a wide range of raw materials in relation to the features of their application field (corrosive atmosphere and operating temperatures). Mollificio Italiano can produce springs in:

  • Carbon Steel - standard EN10270-1
  • Stainless Steel - standard EN10270-3
  • Pre-tempered Steel - standard EN10270-2
  • Copper and Bronze Alloy
  • Special Alloy for high temperatures
  • Tempered Steel 52SCN5 and 50CRV4