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Mollificio Italiano started and developed at the end of the Second World War, a particularly busy period for the Italian industry when, thanks to the economic recovery, many artisanal companies became authentic industrial businesses.

Having been on the market since 1945 and thanks to the experience gained throughout the years and the constant technological development, Mollificio Italiano is able to quickly satisfy all of its Customers’ needs, including those that are very peculiar and complex. Our company is also able to meet delivery methods and times, even demanding ones, for various product quantities, as well as experiment and adopt new material and treatments.

In order to guarantee its Customers a product of excellent standards, Mollificio Italiano selects only raw material of very high quality. For this reason Italian and foreign suppliers, of raw material and surface treatment, undergo a series of accurate controls that ensure compliance with international performance standards.

In accordance with its own roots and traditions, despite a production that exceeds 80 million pieces/year, Mollificio Italiano has always kept its traditional characteristics: assistance to Customers during the design phase, ability to provide small series and samples, prompt responses and flexible deliveries.